Bands on the Pumpichank Label

Not all of these bands have their own websites yet, but they will be coming on line as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you want to contact any of them for dates, please email

Scary Monkeys of OZ The Contortionistas Pebkac the Clown Cractus Tactical
Billy and the Bongateers Trump's WTF Hairpiece Rational Government Policy My Kenyan President
Insane Female Politician Posse Ann Rand Paul's Magical Mystery Tour The Afterbirthers
Bumbleghost Wister Geef Tiny Pink Pigs
Strange Riptide Pintl Rollo's Gastank Zen Diesel
When Vipers Touch Espresso Frankly Wasted Jefferies 12 Ernies Wiggie
Wijjy Jester Locksmith Ice Button Manufacturer Life Without Bees
Went To Air Ram Tample Hemp Hump Shovey Jackson Scores Big
Caring for Grandpa Warren's Neckectomy Airfed Nadly Last Night's Beer Pal
French Police Seem Tall The Goodbye Shiv Humanity Corner Cuff
On Reaching 300 Oprah Grunt Mark My Fruit For Later Was Willie That Bright?
The Jellymaking Activist Eight Crates of Cornbob Anticheese Groaning on Empty
Tiny Neck Night in August The Amazing Cold Probe Leash Clinton's Erect Nipples
Zip, You're Gone Accilent Phoneglue Fake Ape
Click Fries Hategames Dr. Puncture and the Hole Fiends Slugtent
Frank's Last Few Fistings Clenchpush Gertrude Left a Mess Appleghost
Falling Hairpiece Giftpig Monday Monsoon Tiphilus
Ripe Mom's Favorite Toejar (Grandma's Got a) Brand New Patina Smoothwelt
40 Juries Gematria 7 Svengali Deck Ubermunch
Swelterpie Plucked from Thin Meat When it Rains it Porks Blank in Gear
Monster Poppins Penguin The Days When October Bled Airpush The Diving Bell
Enamel Camel The Fidget Hammer Lighter than Breakfast Roasted Tance
Brainslaw Mechanical The 5 Minute Drool Gustav's Party Mule
Rembrandtitus Front 2/3rds What He Eats on Sundays Oogle Drain
Jay the Nanny Packer So Suzy Snoozes Selfchurch Doorflush
Randy the Boat Painter Sweent Ancient Throat Penny Sickle Moose
Slowpinch Photopickle Mousedance Mudwarmth
Cheekpeal Steakseline Jerry Wants Discipline Frozen Pony Hide
What Are Ears? Loamwich Buckethead Teeth Come Out
Edible Maps Skinny White Maggies Left Right Railroad Her Majesty's School for Heavy Needlework
He Breathed on the Cage Another Message from Fred Gangpole Fluffpole
Yesterday's Loss of Feeling Armnumb Thumbpump Sugarslap
Wiffle Ball 3 Halfahalfa Pint Bone Trailer Instigation
Fancy Pants Fantasy Pants Captain Queef Naugahyde A Couple of Jims
Goggles of Joy Seem Excessive Whelmed Wet Sustenance Pelk
Aviators Who Ski in the Nude Sleep Howl A Brisk Shot of Apathy Colon Full of Cookie
A Mom of Magnetic Creatures Wake Apnea Give Me Back My Ostrich Jackiepoke
Go Repelting Cars Love it When You Cry My Puddle Not Another Naked Moose?!
Imploding Opossums Sharing Sister The Dangle Thankers Tastes Like Fingernails
Smellrocket of Love Super Fat Watchdogs Grover's Cleavage Smearing Your Answer
Needing Tweezers My Boss's Aorta Roadgreen Scrape
Scared of Oscar Wipewad Sausage Making Virgins Smearpoline
Fint 9 Simple Greeds Snore Tater Snakes Are Amazing
Kite Giver Romanian Pizza Banjos 8 Salt Lick City
Skatenaker Gimbone Faced Pudding More Flat Than Momma
Tickle Punt Meatsauce Tainted Nora General Munt Stealth Bozo
Franklin Tape Desert Acorn Three Pole Beaver Switch Brainstem Farmers
Pope Grope Gweem Reamwrapper Octagon Fight Rhyme
Scote Tank Flag Waving Eyeballs Homebag The Buttpigs
Nodule Dinosaur Switches on the Ceiling Half Way Up Your Shoopshank Panty Mime
Shart Mushrunes Near Your Wind Bucklenag
Gumoo Aimp Grin Happy Hip Hop Hope
Boomst Goo Tornado Posture The Ornate Refrigerator Spelling Post
Freakshorts Clyde's Initial Shock Raving Deer Tick The Elegant Elephant
Red Barnyard Foster Preak Glassmasters
What's With Charlie? Weave Brows Pload Pannana
Pave Straight The Big River Only for Jonah Sam Station and the Traingang
Hail Octopunch Snooperscope Eyts
Buttwater Shirt Shaker The Tuna Tunnel Molar Bread
Catmoo Robot Vodka Belly Border Fruit Shucks I'm Giggly
Rimworm Montana Float Cycle Boot Scoot Formation Sexy Foam Ankles
Shaky Jane Goat Act Big Sugar Mope Voyeur Winesoup
Creamcoil Weenis Gripecave Rude Body Orifice
Peeptime Dad's My Mom Jimmy Crackcorn Porp Us
Pour Pus 7 Lost Hours Rimtongue Tague
The Knuckle Nomads Bonebutter Mang Klimmer
2000 Pounds of Egg Don Ho and His Brother Skanky Jesus Peter Mudsickle Bonetag
Cellular 20 Motion Hater's Organ Disobey Gristlewad
Ego Paper Busful of Concrete Optional Twister The Zoom Desks
Postulate Botching Mastication The Earlobe Patrol The Vein Game
Peanut Stubble Elbown Folicle Chicken Shore Make Me Scrape
Battery Fractals The Naval Remainder Himer Zode
Pumpichank Spank Adela The Shrinking of George Later, When We're Bald
Teest Jello Joke Jews Niner Grape Mongo Tiger Orchids
Milk Me Daddy Pancake Tailer Sizzle Cake Four Head to Toe Lovefest
Insert Other Here Quick Medical Procedure Stevie's Pink Discovery Togglegator
Hotdog Marble Ice Tasting Sometimes Rubberbeam
Sheep Money Bloody Sylvester Dr. Blind Himilco Bort
Simp 7 Pink Shazam Gummy Juice Bunnies
Mr. Gower's Drunk Skinsink Freem Astrofag
Oak Tokers Shimbucile Whale Washers Nickleflickers
The Lunar Relic Eleven Wired for Wisdom Footpalm
19 Loops Evil Cat Shoulders Past Life Class Save Joan's Regression
Thoper Free Squintglean The Corridors The Panda Iron
Hanger Smoking Cousins I Need Larger Cheeks Accusing the Son Checkerboard Pleasure Pull
The Flashing Parking When Necessary The Stop Maximum Oration
Fudgie Anna Ham Quickie for Dinner Last of the Ten Floaters Maybe Hearts
Tight As A Weasel If You Do It, You Can Do It Wanx Airmeat
Red Pants Tigerator The Statue of Lizardry Shobu Umtada Sqengi
Livermush Simon's Fifth Finger Robotic Transformer Overlords Obscurity