Pumpichank Records

Any industry that treats its suppliers like slaves
and its customers like thieves is doomed to failure.

-- Frank Lomax

Welcome to the Pumpichank Records website, home of awesome indy bands like Tickle Punt Meatsauce, Zen Diesel, Frankly Wasted Jefferies, Anticheese, Swelterpie, Leash, The Dangle Thankers, Super Fat Watchdogs, Grover's Cleavage, and Snore Tater.

Founded in 1993 by the awe-inspiring musical genius Frank "Sleep Plot" Lomax, we represent several hundred up and coming bands in all genres of music. We have a very strong commitment to the integrity of the music and the artists. Making money is not our primary goal; making good honest music is. That, and sausages.

Please excuse the current sparseness of our website. We'll soon have much more information about our label, our mission, and our bands. Check back often!

If you have specific questions, please contact us at info@pumpichank.com

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